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modified starch CMS-Na CMS  adhesive
Modified Starch
On the basis of the inherent characteristics of natural starch,in order to improve properties of starch and expand its application,physical .chemical or enzymatic treatments are used to introduce new functional groups on starch molecules or alter the size of starch molecules and properties of starch granules,thereby changing the natural properties of starch(e.g.gelatinization temperature,thermal viscosity and stability,freezing and thawing stability,gell strength,film forming,transparency tec.) making it more suitable for certain application requirements. After secondary process, it is called modified starch
CMS is a starch etherification derivative derived from carboxymethycation of starch.It can be dissolved in water at room temperature to form colerless and transparent viscous liquid with emulsifying dispersion,solid dispersion,non-corruption and no toxicity.It is a new type of additive with good fluidity,permeability,thickening,viscosity increasing,water retention and oil drainage effect.It can be used alone or mixed with other thickeners.It is widely used in tooth paste,printing and dyeing,tobacco, medicine and other industries.Thickening,stability,emulsification,water retention ,adhesion,modification and other functions can significantly improve product quality. it is safe,non-toxic, a new generation of additives
main raw material of calcium chloride desiccent
This product uses high purity raw material, its whole process is completed under automatic  monitoring. and it is non-toxic and tasteless,and solubles in water and most polar organic solvents. after several years' research and development and formula upgrated, in the use of calcium chloride disiccant, it can completely lock the water and avoid leakage of the pressure in the state of  moisture absorption and liquefaction which will pollute the goods, the problem that calcium chloride disiccant turned into liquid in the process of moisture absorption  was eliminated.
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